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Australia Study Abroad Program

About Engage Australia

  • Minimum GPA: 2.5 (Gold Coast); 3.0 (Adelaide)
  • Application deadlines: March 1 for semester 2 (July-Nov)
    November 15 for semester 1 (Feb-July)
  • Program advisor: Emma Diebold
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Program Snapshot

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What Engage Australia has to offer

  • Discpline-oriented tracks make it easy to find the courses you need
  • Focus exclusively on your selected track or choose courses in other departments
  • Choice of two great locations, Gold Coast or Adelaide
  • An optional internship enriches your experience and boosts your resume
  • Study alongside Australian degree students
  • Courses taught by professors at two of Australia's most prestigious universities, Griffith University (Gold Coast campus) and University of Adelaide
  • Excursions, activities and day trips included in the program fee
  • IFSA-Butler's Exploring Australia course will deepen your appreciation for Aussie culture and give you a behind-the-scenes look at your city that you could never learn in a classroom or see on a tour bus


  • Students live in apartments in both locations
  • Gold Coast students live in apartments near the world-famous Surfer's Paradise beach
  • Adelaide students live in apartments just a three-minute walk from campus
  • Housing is self-catered for both locations


  • Four available tracks make courses easy to find
  • Students can mix and match courses within a track as long as courses are offered in the same location
  • Students may also take an internship

We look forward to working with you!



What is the program curriculum?
Students on this program will have the following curriculum:

  • Engage Australia: Community & Culture (3 U.S. semester credit hours)
  • Three university courses (4 U.S. semester credit hours each)
  • Optional internship (4 U.S. semester credit hours): This replaces one university course

Where do I find university courses?
Click on the University Courses subtab to find the courses that are available in each track and at each campus for this program.

What tracks are available?
The following academic tracks are available for this program:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (offered in Adelaide)
  • International Business and Economics (offered in Adelaide and Gold Coast)
  • Applied and Social Sciences (offered in Adelaide and Gold Coast)
  • Fine Arts and Music (offered in Gold Coast)

See the Tracks tab for available courses within each track.

You are not limited to the listed courses in the Tracks tab, nor are you required to study within one track only. You may take courses across tracks and in different departments not listed within the tracks as long as you choose courses on the same campus.

The tracks listed on our website are a guideline of courses that may appeal to students within a certain major. For a full listing of courses available to you, please visit the University Courses tab and follow the links and instructions for finding courses at University of Adelaide and Griffith University Gold Coast.

Can I take classes in more than one track?
Yes. You may mix and match courses from different tracks for maximum academic flexibility.

Can I take courses in both program locations?
Due to the distance between Adelaide and Gold Coast, students may study on one campus only.

What if I need to take a required course?
Please be aware that IFSA-Butler cannot guarantee that your host university will offer a particular course, or that you will be allowed to take that particular course. However, if you need to take a required course, you may indicate that it is required on your course preference form. Your IFSA-Butler program advisor will communicate your needs to your host university.

University Courses

Where can I find a list of courses that the University of Adelaide offers?

  1. For University of Adelaide courses, open the University of Adelaide online course catalog.
  2. Click on the “More options” tab and use the “Term” drop-down menu to select either semester 1 or semester 2
  3. Search for the subject area that interests you or enter a keyword in the “Course title” box.

Where can I find a list of pre-approved courses at Griffith University?
Click on either link below for a list of pre-approved courses:

Semester 1 Pre-Approved Course List
Semester 2 Pre-Approved Course List

Selecting courses from this list means that your enrollment will be approved without requiring the faculty at Griffith to assess your qualifications. However, courses are subject to space restrictions and can change before the start or during the first two weeks of the trimester. Selecting one or more of these courses does not guarantee you a place in the course(s).

Where can I find a list of courses that Griffith University offers?

  1. Open the Griffith University online course catalog.
  2. On the "Keyword Search" tab, you can type in a keyword to search for courses that may be related.
  3. Click the "Search" button. Make sure each course is offered during the correct semester and on the Gold Coast campus. Click on the "Catalog Number" to get a brief description of the course.

What courses am I eligible to take?
As an IFSA-Butler student, you are entitled to enroll in undergraduate courses for which you are qualified and in which space is available. Course descriptions in the online course catalog (see above) include prerequisites you must fulfill in order to enroll in each course.

For each course that you list on your preference form, be sure to check the following:

  1. When determining which courses to take, please bear in mind that the Australian academic system is an intensive, three-year program.
  2. First-year (1000-level) courses are appropriate for departments in which you have little or no prior experience.
  3. Second-year (2000-level) courses will be equivalent to advanced sophomore or junior-level U.S. courses.
  4. Third-year (3000-level) courses will be equivalent to senior-level U.S. courses.
  5. Fourth-year (4000-level) courses and higher are part of a postgraduate degree (Masters or Ph.D.). You are not eligible to take these courses as an undergraduate study abroad student.
  6. Remember in Australia, U.S. fall semester = semester 2 and U.S. spring semester = semester 1. Be sure to select courses for the correct semester you are studying abroad.


How many courses am I able to take, and how do I determine U.S. semester credit hours?
IFSA-Butler requires students to enroll in a full course load in Australia. The Exploring Australia core course is worth 3 U.S. semester credit hours, and the university courses are typically worth 4 credits each.

Students at Griffith take the core course and three university courses, or replace one university course with an internship, for a total of 15 U.S. semester credit hours. When looking for courses on the Griffith online course catalog, please be sure to look for courses worth 10 GU credit points, which equal 4 U.S. semester credit hours.

Students at the University of Adelaide typically take the core course and three university courses each worth 3 Adelaide units (4 U.S. semester credit hours). Internships and some science courses at Adelaide are worth 6 Adelaide units (8 U.S. semester credit hours). If taking an 8 U.S. semester credit hour course or internship at Adelaide, you will take the core course, the 8 U.S. semester credit hour course and one more university course.


What are the registration conditions?
You must take a full course load as determined by IFSA-Butler. Credit will be awarded on a Butler University transcript based on a typical U.S. full course load. All courses are graded on an A-F scale, and there is no provision for pass/fail or auditing courses unless pass/fail is the only method of assessment for the course. You are not allowed to register for online, distance education or hybrid courses.

You should also be aware that you may be charged additional fees by your home institution or host university to take or process additional credits. Taking less than a full course load may jeopardize your student status and result in personal academic repercussions and/or loss of financial aid.

The course preference form is not a registration form; it is a guideline to let your host university know which courses you are interested in taking abroad. You should discuss your course selections with your academic advisor at your home institution and have several backup choices in mind. Neither you nor the university is bound by your selections. You will have the opportunity to enroll online before the semester begins, but you will be able to make changes when you arrive on campus if necessary.


What do I need to know about exams?
Because of the differences in the academic systems, you will not know your exam schedule until after you arrive at your host university. Please refer to the Dates & Fees tab for semester calendar dates. Your host university's policies do not permit you to reschedule any exams, request alternate assessments or arrange to have your exams proctored in the United States. If this occurs, IFSA-Butler cannot assist you in conducting a grade appeal or academic follow-up for the course in which you made this arrangement. You will need to complete and submit all academic work prior to departing the program.


How will my home university know what my classes were and what grades I received?
After you have returned to the U.S., your home university will receive a Butler University transcript with the credit you earned in Australia. The Butler University transcript will report the equivalent U.S. semester credit hours and letter grades. We also will send an official transcript to your permanent address.

Exploring Community & Culture

Set yourself apart from other students studying abroad with IFSA-Butler's Exploring Community & Culture (C&C) course. These courses are exclusive to IFSA-Butler and are an embedded component of every Engage program.

C&C offers you the exciting chance to experience your host city in a way most visitors never can. It is designed to take study abroad to another level. While abroad, do you want to do what locals do? Go where they go? See your new culture and environment through their eyes? The C&C core course helps the unfamiliar place more familiar and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Australia and your host city that you could never learn in a classroom or see on a tour bus. See below for the specifics on the Exploring Australia core course.

Engage Australia: Community & Culture (3 U.S. semester credit hours)
This course focuses on helping you develop strong skill sets through direct, local engagement with your host city, including team building, intercultural communication and critical analysis. It provides the opportunity to learn about what makes Australia and its communities unique, and how and where you fit in. You'll meet regularly with your instructor and other Engage Australia students to undertake discussions, special excursions and presentations. In addition, you will choose from a variety of activities through which you engage with your host campus and community, taking your very local experience in Australia to another level.


Track and Course Options

You are not limited to the listed courses in the Tracks tab, nor are you required to study within one track only. You may take courses across tracks and in different departments not listed within the Tracks as long as you choose courses on the same campus.

The tracks listed on our website are a guideline of courses that may appeal to students within a certain major. For a full listing of courses available to you, please visit the University Courses tab and follow the links and instructions for finding courses at University of Adelaide and Griffith University Gold Coast.


All courses are taught at University of Adelaide

Computer Science
COMP SCI 1103 - Algorithm Design and Data Structures – Semester 1, Semester 2
COMP SCI 2000 - Computer Systems – Semester 1, Semester 2
COMP SCI 3001 - Computer Networks and Applications – Semester 1
COMP SCI 3004 - Operating Systems – Semester 2
COMP SCI 3007 - Artificial Intelligence – Semester 1

Chemical Engineering
CHEM ENG 1011 - Intro to Process Modelling – Semester 2
CHEM ENG 2011 - Process Engineering Thermodynamics – Semester 2
CHEM ENG 2014 - Process Heat Transfer – Semester 2
CHEM ENG 2018 - Process Fluid Mechanics – Semester 1

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Note: Students may be required to fulfill prerequisities before enrolling these courses

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineering Mechanics and Statistics
Engineering, Modelling, and Analysis IA
Water Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Signals and Systems
Engineering Electromagnetism
Circuit Analysis
Electric Energy Systems

Mechanical Engineering
MECH ENG 1007 - Engineering Mechanics and Dynamics – Semester 2

Petroleum Engineering
PETROENG 2001 - Reservoir Thermodynamics and Fluid Properties – Semester 2
PETROENG 2009 - Formation Evaluation, Petrophysics, Rock Formations – Semester 2
PETROENG 2010 - Drilling Engineering – Semester 1

Note: Students must seek permission from the Head of Physics before enrolling in these courses

PHYSICS 2530 - Astrophysics – Semester 2
PHYSICS 2534 - Electromagnetism II – Semester 2
PHYSICS 3002 - Experimental Physics III – Semester 2
PHYSICS 3540 - Optics and Photonics III – Semester 2

Health Sciences
PUB HLTH 1001 - Public Health IA – Semester 1
PUB HLTH 2005 - Essentials of Epidemiology II – Semester 1
PUB HLTH 2100 - Investigating Health and Disease in Populations II – Semester 2
PUB HLTH 2200 - Social Foundations of Health II – Semester 2
HLTH SC 2101 - Fundamentals of Biomechanics and Human Movement – Semester 2
HLTH SC 3200 - Life Span Nutrition – Semester 2
HLTH SC 2102 - Principles of Exercise Science – Semester 1

Anatomy and Physiology
ANAT SC 1102 - Human Biology IA – Semester 1
ANAT SC 1103 - Human Biology IB – Semester 2
ANAT SC 2200 - Functional Human Anatomy – Semester 2

Biology, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences
BIOLOGY 1101 - Biology I: Molecules, Genes, and Cells – Semester 1

MATHS 1008 - Mathematics for Information Technology – Semester 1
MATHS 2100 - Real Analysis – Semester 2
MATHS 2102 - Differential Equations II – Semester 1
MATHS 2103 - Probability and Statistics II – Semester 1
MATHS 3012 - Financial Modelling: Tools and Techniques III – Semester 2

International Business and Economics

Business and Economics-Griffith University
1203AFE - Money, Banking, and Finance – Semester 1, Semester 2
2004MKT - Consumer Psychology – Semester 1
2102AFE - Financial Accounting – Semester 1, Semester 2
2104AFE - Management Accounting – Semester 2
2154IBA - Business Logistics – Semester 2
2201AFE - Corporate Finance – Semester 1, Semester 2
2204AFE - Financial Institutions Management – Semester 1
2304AFE - Intermediate Macroeconomics – Semester 2
2305AFE - Intermediate Microeconomics – Semester 2
3004IBA - Inter-Cultural Management – Semester 2
3006IBA - Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – Semester 2
3009EHR - International Human Resource Management – Semester 1
3011EHR - Performance Management – Semester 1
3028MKT - Strategic Marketing – Semester 1
3042MKT - Marketing Globally – Semester 1
3102AFE – Auditing – Semester 2
3155IBA - Operations Management – Semester 2
3209AFE - International Finance – Semester 1
3307AFE - International Economics – Semester 1
3323HSL - Sport Marketing – Semester 2

Business-University of Adelaide
ACCTING 1002 – Accounting for Decision Makers I – Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCTING 2500 – Management Accounting II – Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCTING 2501 - Financial Accounting II – Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCTING 3501 – Corporate Accounting III – Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCTING 3502 - Auditing III – Semester 1, Semester 2

ECON 1000 - Principles of Macroeconomics I – Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON 1004 - Principles of Microeconomics I – Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON 1009 - International Financial Institutions and Markets – Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON 1008 - Business and Economic Statistics I – Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON 2500 - International Trade and investment Policy II – Semester 2
ECON 2502 - East Asian Economics II – Semester 2

International Business
INTBUS 2500 - International Business II – Semester 2
INTBUS 3501 – Corporate Responsibility for Global Business III – Semester 2

MARKETING 2501 - Consumer Behavior II – Semester 2
MARKETING 3501 - International Marketing III – Semester 2

Management (prerequisities may be required for the courses below)
COMMGMT 3506 - Managing Conflict and Change III – Semester 1
COMMGMT 3501 - Strategic Management III – Semester 2
COMMGMT 2502 - Organisational Dynamics II – Semester 2
COMMGMT 3500 - International Management III – Semester 1
COMMGMT 3502 - Human Resource Management III – Semester 1

STATS 1000 – Statistical Practice 1 – Semester 1, Semester 2
STATS 1005 - Statistical Analysis and Modelling – Semester 2
STATS 2107 – Statistical Modelling and Inference II – Semester 2
STATS 3006 – Mathematical Statistics III – Semester 1

Communication-Griffith University
1009IBA - Intercultural Communication for the Global Workplace – Semester 1
1501HUM - New Communication Technologies – Semester 2
1510HUM - Introduction to Public Relations – Semester 2
2008EHR - Business Communication – Semester 1
2029MKT - Advertising and Creative Strategies – Semester 2
2102HUM - Television Studies – Semester 1
2515HUM - Media Relations – Semester 1
2523HUM - Radio Journalism – Semester 2
2621QCA - Multimedia Storytelling for Publication – Semester 2
3105HUM - News Production – Semester 2
3111HUM - Experimental Writing – Semester 1

Applied and Social Sciences

Criminology and Forensics-Griffith University
1011CCJ - Criminology Skills – Semester 1
2002CCJ - Introduction to Policing – Semester 1
2007CCJ - Sociology of Crime – Semester 1
2011CCJ - Offender Profiling – Semester 1
2013CCJ - Crime and Media – Semester 2
2014CCJ - Victimology – Semester 2
2015CCJ - Gender, Crime and Justice – Semester 2
2017CCJ - Forensic Science and Criminal Justice – Semester 2
3003CCJ - Rehabilitating Offenders – Semester 2
3006CCJ - Punishment, Justice and Reform – Semester 2
3016CCJ - Race, Crime and Justice – Semester 1
3018CCJ - International Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice – Semester 2
6009CCJ - Contemporary Perspectives on Crime – Semester 2

Environmental Management-Griffith University
Environmental Politics and Policy
Resolving Environmental Issues
Environmental Assessment & Management
Planning and Environmental Law
Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment
Climate Change and Public Health

Exercise Science-Griffith University
1212AHS - Introduction to Sport Development – Semester 1
2001AHS - Physiology of Exercise – Semester 2
2002AHS - Biochemistry of Exercise I – Semester 2
2003AHS - Sports Coaching – Semester 1
3009AHS - Exercise and Sport Psychology – Semester 1
3138AHS - Exercise Sports Nutrition – Semester 2

Information Technology-Griffith University
Foundations of Computing Systems
Computer Networks and Security
Research Methods in IT
Systems Programming
Business Informatics
System Analysis and Design

Politics and International Studies-University of Adelaide
POLIS 1104 - Comparative Politics of Rising Powers – Semester 1
POLIS 1102 - Global Politics – Semester 2
POLIS 1104 - Comparative Politics of Rising Powers – Semester 1
POLIS 2128 - Australia Faces the World – Semester 2
POLIS 2109 - The Ethics of War and Peace – Semester 1

Political Science-Griffith University
1102GIR - The Mechanics of Power – Semester 1
1103GIR - Political Ideas and Political Thought – Semester 2
2002GIR - Australian Politics and Government – Semester 1
2005GIR - Governments, Markets and Communities – Semester 2
2016GIR – Power in East Asia – Semester 2
2019GIR - Politics of International Law and Organisations – Semester 2
2139HUM -Power and Politics – Semester 1
3008GIR - Human Rights in World Politics – Semester 2
3010GIR - China and the World – Semester 2
3011GIR - Dilemmas in International Relations – Semester 1
3034HUM -Reconstructing the Aboriginal Australian – Semester 1

Psychology-University of Adelaide
Note: Students may be required to fulfill prerequisities before enrolling in these courses

PSYCHOL 1004 - Research Methods in Psychology – Semester 2
PYSCHOL 2004 - Doing Research in Psychology – Semester 1
PSYCHOL 2005 - Foundations Health and Lifespan Development – Semester 2
PSYCHOL 2006 - Foundations in Perception and Cognition – Semester 1
PYSCHOL 3023 - Perception and Cognition – Semester 2
PSYCHOL 3027 - Psychology, Science & Society – Semester 1

Psychology-Griffith University
1001PSY - Introductory Cognitive and Biological Psychology – Semester 1
1003PSY - Research Methods and Statistics I – Semester 2
1015HSV - Human Behaviour – Semester 1
2006PSY - Cognition, Memory, and Learning – Semester 2
2008PSY - Social Psychology – Semester 1
3005PSY - Counselling Psychology – Semester 2
3009AHS - Exercise and Sport Psychology – Semester 1

Fine Arts and Music

All courses taught at Griffith University

1009HUM - Introduction to Screen Analysis – Semester 2
2100HUM - Hollywood Cinema – Semester 1
3012HUM - Australian Screen – Semester 2
3301HUM - World Cinema – Semester 2
3508HUM - Documentary Studies – Semester 1

Fine Art
Digital Media
Graphic Design

1064QCM - Songwriting Techniques 1 – Semester 1
2109QCM - Technology and Music – Semester 1
2324QCM - Music, Sound and Vision – Semester 1
3063QCM - Music Programming and Production – Semester 2
6003QCM - Music Research Design 1 – Semester 1
6014QCM - Cultural Theory in Popular Music – Semester 1


Housing Options

What are my housing options?
The following housing options are available during your semester abroad.

Gold Coast
Apartments are located a few blocks from the heart of Surfer's Paradise beach and a 25-minute train or bus ride from the university. Students will be living in self-catered apartments with fellow study abroad students. Students will share a bedroom and bathroom with another student on the program, with four students living in a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment.

The apartment comes furnished with all furniture, pots, pans, dishes, etc. There is also a dishwasher, laundry facilities and air conditioning/heating. 12 GB of Internet is included each month. The secure apartment complex has a mix of tenants living there, including professionals, retirees, students and travelers.

The building has a gym, pool, tennis courts and building reception and maintenance. To get to class students can take the light rail (which is around a 25-minute journey and costs around $2 each way).

Please note that beds in Griffith housing are "king twin size," five inches longer and five inches wider than U.S. twin mattresses, so we strongly recommend that you purchase linens upon arrival in Australia.

All students will be housed in four- to six-bedroom apartments located just a three-minute walk from campus. The Urbanest apartment complex is situated among restaurants and cafes and near a supermarket.

Each student will share a twin bedroom and bathroom, and each apartment has its own kitchen, lounge/dining room, and heating/cooling. The package IFSA-Butler arranges for its students includes a linen and kitchen pack along with all utilities paid and 5 free GB of Internet per month.

Students wanting to upgrade to a single bedroom at Urbanest may do so for an additional fee. Single rooms are subject to availability.


In both locations, students are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own meals.

Housing FAQs

Is my housing included in the program fee?
Yes. Your program fee includes accommodation at the university while classes are in session. You will be responsible for any commuting costs you may incur.

When will I receive my housing assignment?
You will most likely receive your housing assignment one to two weeks before your departure. However, you may not receive your housing assignment until you arrive in Australia for orientation. Your program advisor will notify you of your housing assignment via email when it is released by the university.

Please keep in mind that while IFSA-Butler guarantees housing, we cannot guarantee your preferences.

Can I arrange my own housing?
Yes. IFSA-Butler recognizes that some students require independent housing for their time abroad. If you choose not to take advantage of our guaranteed housing, you may sign up for independent housing on the housing preference form. Once you've made this choice, we will not provide housing for you or bill you for the accommodation fee.

Please be advised that housing costs can be high abroad, and many times students living independently end up spending more money than students living in IFSA-Butler arranged housing. If you are hoping to save money by arranging housing on your own, please research your options early so you can compare costs. You must notify us of your intention to live in independent housing by the program application deadline for your term abroad, listed at the top of this page. We are not able to accommodate independent housing requests after the deadline.

Location Info


Living and Studying Abroad in Adelaide, Australia

About Adelaide
Population: 1.3 million
Location: State of South Australia; in south central Australia

City features

  • Known as the "Gateway to the Outback"
  • Offers the best of cosmopolitan city life with the friendliness of a small university town
  • A lively cultural scene with visual and performing arts, galleries, museums and festivals
  • One of the largest shopping malls in the Southern Hemisphere
  • A great place to live well: Adelaide's cost of living is 24% lower than Sydney!
  • Click here to read an SSC blog post about life in Adelaide

Do more!

  • Enjoy the beach, just 20 minutes from Adelaide
  • Take advantage of great camping and hiking opportunities nearby in the spectacular Flinders Mountain Ranges
  • Take a weekend jump to Kangaroo Island for cycling, horseback riding and hiking in a pristine natural environment
  • Experience the vineyard culture through winery tours in Adelaide's world-renowned wine region

City of Adelaide
Study Adelaide
Adelaide Fringe
South Australia Government
South Australia Tourism Commission
Adelaide Hills
Flinders Ranges
Kangaroo Island
The Adelaide Festival of Arts
Victor Harbor
Womadelaide, World Music Festival
Adelaide and South Australia News

Gold Coast

Living and Studying Abroad in Gold Coast, Australia

About Gold Coast

Location: 500,000
Population: Southeast Queensland, in east central Australia

City features

  • A fast-growing metropolis and one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations
  • Famous for its sun, surf and sand
  • The city features 70 kilometers of beautiful beaches, vast rainforest and breathtaking scenery
  • More than 500 restaurants, major shopping centers, four major theme parks and nightlife galore

Do more!

  • Visit the surrounding area's rainforest, natural wetlands, sugar cane farms and outdoor recreation facilities
  • Attend the city's numerous international sporting events that range from surfing competitions to horse races to golf

Visit Gold Coast
Gold Coast City Council
Destination Queensland
Gold Coast News

Dates & Fees

Program Dates

Engage Australia: Griffith University

  • Semester 1 2018
  • Mandatory arrival in Sydney: February 13
  • Program starts: February 13
  • IFSA-Butler orientation: February 13-16
  • Move into housing: February 16
  • University orientation: February 19-23
  • Classes begin: February 26
  • Semester break: March 30-April 13
  • Classes end: June 1
  • Study week: June 4-8
  • Exams: June 9-23
  • Program ends: June 24
  • Semester 2 2017
  • Group flight departs: June 18
  • Mandatory arrival in Sydney: June 20
  • Program starts: June 20
  • IFSA-Butler orientation: June 20-23
  • Move into housing: June 23
  • University orientation: June 26-30
  • Classes begin: July 3
  • Semester break: September 25-29
  • Assessment period: September 30-October 14
  • Program ends: October 15

Engage Australia: University of Adelaide

  • Semester 1 2018
  • Mandatory arrival in Sydney: February 13
  • Program starts: February 13
  • IFSA-Butler orientation: February 13-16
  • Move into housing: February 16
  • University orientation: February 19-23
  • Classes begin: February 26
  • Semester break: March 30-April 13
  • Classes end: June 8
  • Study week: June 11-15
  • Exams: June 16-30
  • Program ends: July 1
  • Semester 2 2017
  • Group flight departs: July 9
  • Mandatory arrival in Sydney: July 11
  • Program starts: July 11
  • IFSA-Butler orientation: July 11-14
  • Move into housing: July 14
  • University orientation: July 17-21
  • Classes begin: July 24
  • Semester break: September 18-October 3
  • Exams: November 4-18
  • Program ends: November 19

Program Fees

Engage Australia: Griffith University

  • Semester 2 2017
  • Tuition/Services: $12,300
  • Housing: $3,675
  • Supplemental Charges: none
  • Semester 1 2017
  • Tuition/Services: $12,700
  • Housing: $3,275
  • Supplemental Charges: none

Engage Australia: University of Adelaide

  • Semester 2 2017
  • Tuition/Services: $13,550
  • Housing: $4,425
  • Supplemental Charges: none
  • Semester 1 2017
  • Tuition/Services: $13,925
  • Housing: $4,050
  • Supplemental Charges: none

What's included in our Australia program fees
Expense calculator

Semester 1 Payments Due: December 15
Semester 2 Payments Due:
May 15

Personal Cost Estimates

Engage Australia: Griffith University, Gold Coast

  • Semester 1 2017
  • Travel from U.S.: $1,900
  • Visa: $625
  • Books: $300
  • Meals (self catering): $1,100
  • Personal Misc: $300
  • Commuting: $250
  • Semester 2 2017
  • Travel from U.S.: $1,900
  • Visa: $420
  • Books: $300
  • Meals (self catering): $1,100
  • Personal Misc: $300
  • Commuting: $230

Engage Australia: University of Adelaide

  • Semester 1 2017
  • Travel from U.S.: $1,900
  • Visa: $625
  • Books: $300
  • Meals (self catering): $1,300
  • Personal Misc: $650
  • Commuting: None
  • Semester 2 2017
  • Travel from U.S.: $1,900
  • Visa: $420
  • Books: $300
  • Meals (self catering): $1,300
  • Personal Misc: $650
  • Commuting: None

Expense calculator

Financial Aid

IFSA-Butler’s general scholarship funds are available for Engage programs, and we offer several other innovative opportunities to help fund your Engage Australia experience. Our Up Front program allows you to bill immediate expenses such as airfare and the program deposit to your IFSA-Butler account and then use financial aid or our monthly payment option to pay for these expenses. In addition, our Work to Study grants pay IFSA-Butler students for various projects completed before or during their time abroad.

Don’t forget that federal financial aid such as Guaranteed Student Loans, Pell Grants and Parent/PLUS loans can usually apply toward study abroad. Ask your home campus financial aid office for details on transferring these funds to IFSA-Butler for your semester abroad, and don’t forget to also ask whether your state scholarships, 529 plan or home campus scholarships can be used to help pay for study abroad.

Meet Your IFSA-Butler Team

IFSA-Butler has a dedicated team of staff who are here to help students prepare for their program in Australia:

emmaProgram Advisor Emma Diebold assists with the application process and is here to answer program, cultural and academic questions before departure. Emma completed her undergraduate degree in Geography: Travel & Tourism at Ball State University. She went abroad with the BSU Geography Department to Eastern and Central Europe and has enjoyed personal travels to several destinations including Belgium, France, Ireland, Peru, Ecuador and The Bahamas. Emma joined the IFSA-Butler team to aid students who want to explore the world and advises students planning to study abroad in England. Emma can be reached at the email link above or at 800-858-0229, ext. 4258.


beckiStudent Accounts Coordinator Becki Niccum assists with the financial side of study abroad and processes payments and invoices. Becki can be reached at the email link above or at 317-940-3077.





Student & Parent Services Manager Donnetta Spears is available to both students and parents for travel questions and information. Donnetta has worked with IFSA-Butler since 2000, and she has traveled through parts of Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. As the mother of 4 college students (including one who studied abroad on an IFSA-Butler program), she has a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of study abroad from a parent perspective. Donnetta can be reached at the email link above or at 317-940-4252.


rebecca duellOnce abroad, our students are in the capable hands of our on-site office, including our student services coordinator Rebecca Duell. Click here to read more about Rebecca.





abbyAcademic Records Coordinator Abby Miller graduated from Butler University where she worked as a guide for international students from all over the world. From that experience and combined with her own world travels, she knows the amazing experiences that studying abroad can provide. Abby is excited to work with IFSA-Butler students and to help answer any questions about their academic records. Abby can be reached at the email link above or at 800-858-0229, ext. 4217.

Program Excursions

Visit the Australia Resident Office Orientation Page

Arrival and orientation

  • Airport pick-up for students who choose the group flight option
  • Four-day, on-site orientation includes transportation, accommodation, activities, information sessions and meals
  • Orientation takes advantage of Sydney's cultural attractions while also giving students a chance to experience beach life in Australia
  • Orientation takes place at the YHA, located in the Rocks, one of Sydney's oldest and most hip areas. The YHA has a stunning rooftop with outstanding views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the city. The location is a 10-minute walk from Circular Quay, the central tourist hub of Sydney
  • Sightseeing excursions to some of Sydney's famous landmarks
  • Aussie dinner and Aussie trivia evening
  • Blue Mountains day trip
  • Sydney Harbour dinner cruise
  • Introduction to Australian culture and academic differences
  • IFSA-Butler staff walk students through everything from how to succeed academically to how to integrate socially in the host university
  • Visit to Featherdale Wildlife park, where you can feed kangaroos and get a photo with a koala
  • Visit Waradah Aboriginal Educational Centre to learn more about Aboriginal cultural with live dance performances and demonstrations
  • Following orientation, students fly or travel by bus to their host universities

Cultural and sporting events

  • A free welcome event in each host city. Welcome events are organized by each city's Student Services Coordinator and are tailored to show students the best that each host city has to offer.
  • Students have one cultural or sporting event during the semester. Past events have included a National Rugby League game, Australian Football League game, and a theatre or music performance


  • Aussie Experience Weekend or day trips which could include a visit to local wineries, whale watching boat trips, visiting an Aussie ranch, snorkeling adventures, and an adventure-style weekend with hiking, ropes courses and more.

Other activities

  • Afternoon teas, pizza afternoons and regular campus visits by IFSA-Butler student service coordinators
  • Program T-shirt or hoodie
  • Farewell celebration and meal with slideshow presentation


Get Connected

Connect with IFSA-Butler Students

If you really want to know what it's like to study abroad, connect with IFSA-Butler alumni and students who are currently abroad on an IFSA-Butler program. Check out the following:
Student Network
Student Blogs
Experiences Abroad Videos
For Students


You can gain practical experience in addition to your courses in Australia with an internship. Various internships are available at placements in businesses, nonprofit organizations, government offices and community volunteer centers in both Adelaide and Gold Coast. Internships are unpaid but are worth 8 U.S. semester credits in Adelaide (replacing two classes) and 4 U.S. semester credits in Gold Coast (replacing one class).

Internship placements may be subject to a successful interview upon arrival. If a student does not receive a placement upon arrival, another course can be easily added during registration.

Internship placement possibilities include:

  • Advertising, communications, journalism and public relations (University of Adelaide)
  • Arts management (University of Adelaide)
  • Business, economics and finance(University of Adelaide)
  • Community internship (Griffith University): Give back to the community by volunteering 50 hours during the semester in structured activities, projects or research. Some examples of past internships include: environmental work, executive assistance, event planning, social media work, marketing assistance, research project assistance, human resources intern or community development work.
  • Government organizations (University of Adelaide)
  • Nonprofit management (University of Adelaide)
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