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Israel Study Abroad Program in Jerusalem

About The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Summer Program

  • Minimum GPA: 3.0 (4.0 scale)
  • Length of Program: 6 weeks, late May/early June to mid-July
  • Application deadline: April 15
  • Program advisor: Kerry Springer
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Program Snapshot

Amphitheatre from below

Shalom and welcome to IFSA-Butler's summer program at the Rothberg International School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (RIS). Hebrew University is one of the Middle East's most prestigious universities, and it's located on Mount Scopus in the ancient, intriguing city of Jerusalem. Few other locations can rival this program for an amazing study abroad experience.

What The Hebrew University of Jerusalem summer program has to offer

  • Study in Israel's oldest and most prestigious university
  • Located on historic Mount Scopus with breathtaking views of the Old City of Jerusalem, which combines ancient history with a modern, cosmopolitan outlook
  • Program based at the university's Rothberg International School, where courses are taught in English
  • Choose between Arabic Immersion track and Summer Electives track
  • Beginning and Intermediate language study are available in the Arabic Immersion track
  • Summer Electives classes are all taught in English
  • No previous study of Arabic or Hebrew language required


  • Students live in the university's Scopus Student Village housing
  • Housing is air conditioned and includes extensive, 24-hour security
  • Students who observe the Jewish Sabbath or who keep Kosher may request housing with other observant residents


  • Students on the Arabic Immersion track earn 10 U.S. semester credit hours
  • Students on the Summer Electives track earn 3 to 6 U.S. semester credit hours



What courses can I take?
This program offers two tracks:

  1. Arabic Immersion - Course website
  2. Summer Electives - Course website

Can I take courses in both tracks?
No, students must choose one track.

Are there any required courses?
No. Students elect between one of two options. There is the Arabic Immersion program where students can study at either the Beginning or Intermediate level (using the Al-kitaab textbook series) and focus exclusively on Arabic Language. Study of both colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic are included. The other option allows students to take two courses, selected from the course elective offering pairs.

What Summer Electives subjects are available?
Rothberg International School (RIS) offers courses in the following courses as part of the Summer Electives track:

  • Collective Memory and Cultural Myths in Contemporary Israel
  • Conflict Resolution from Theory to Practice: Israel as a Case Study
  • The Emergence of the Modern State of Israel
  • The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Israel and International Law
  • Militant Radical Movements in Contemporary
  • The New Kabbalah: From Jewish Mystics to
  • The Politics of Planning in Cities of Conflict: The Case of Jerusalem
  • Uncovering Jerusalem: A Historical and Archaeological Survey
  • Archaeology of the New Testament
  • Israel and the Post-Arab Spring: An Interactive View of the New Middle
  • Narratives and Realities: Inside the Israeli Palestinian Conflict
  • Breakthrough Technologies: Shaping the Future
  • Start Ups and Innovation: The Israeli Model
  • Desert Ecologies of Israel
  • Trauma & Resilience: Theory & Practice from the Israeli Experience

Click here to view a brief description for each course.

What courses am I eligible to take?
As an IFSA-Butler student, you are entitled to enroll in any undergraduate course at Hebrew University, Rothberg International School (RIS) for which you are qualified and in which space is available. Course descriptions in the RIS online course catalog include prerequisites you must fulfill in order to enroll in each course.

What if I need to take a required course?
Please be aware that IFSA-Butler cannot guarantee that RIS will offer a particular course, or that there will be enough space in any given course. However, if you need to take a required course, please let your IFSA-Butler program advisor know so that we may inquire to the possibility of your taking the course.

Course Restrictions

All courses are offered within Hebrew University's Rothberg International School (RIS). Enrollment in any course is subject to available space, as well as the satisfaction of prerequisites.


How many courses am I able to take?
Arabic Immersion track students take a single course focused on beginning or intermediate Arabic language. Summer Electives track students take one or two courses during their time at RIS.

How many total credits will I earn?
Students on the Arabic Immersion track earn 10 U.S. semester credit hours. Students on the Summer Electives track earn 6 U.S. semester credit hours.


What are the registration conditions?
You must take a full Hebrew University Rothberg International School (RIS) course load as determined by IFSA-Butler. Credit will be awarded on a Butler University transcript based on a typical U.S. full course load. All courses are graded on an A-F scale, and there is no provision for pass/fail or auditing courses unless pass/fail is the only method of assessment for the course. You are not allowed to register for online, distance education or hybrid courses.

You should also be aware that you may be charged additional fees by your home institution take or process additional credits. Taking less than a full course load may jeopardize your student status and result in personal academic repercussions and/or loss of financial aid.

The Study Preference form is your registration form. You will be registered and will be taking the study option you select. If you select the summer electives track, you will be registered for the courses you indicate unless a course is full/closed. In that case, your program advisor will be in touch with you to select alternative courses.


What do I need to know about exams?
Because you will not register for classes until you arrive on campus, it is not possible to know your exam schedule until after you arrive at the Hebrew University Rothberg International School (RIS). Please refer to the program calendar to review the exam period for Hebrew University. Students are not permitted to reschedule any exams, request alternate assessments or arrange to have exams proctored in the United States. If this occurs, IFSA-Butler cannot assist you in conducting an academic record appeal for the course in which you made this arrangement. You will need to complete and submit all academic work prior to departing the program.


How will my home university know what my classes were and what grades I received?
After you have returned to the U.S., your home university will receive a Butler University transcript with the credit you earned at Hebrew University. The Butler University transcript will report the equivalent U.S. semester credit hours and letter grades. We also will send an official transcript to your permanent address.


Housing Options

What are my housing options?
Students at Hebrew University live in the Scopus Student Village, located on Mount Scopus and a short walking distance from campus. Living in the student village not only offers an independent setting but also is an important part of the study abroad experience. You will have the chance to make new friends from all over the world, as well as share experiences with Israeli students. Live in the student village includes the following features:

  • Suite-style living with single bedrooms
  • Living room, kitchen and bathroom facilities shared with two to four other students
  • All suites are air conditioned
  • Comprehensive security 24 hours a day
  • A supermarket and shopping are located nearby
  • Laundry facilities
  • Select Israeli students serve as madrichim (similar to resident assistants in the U.S.) to ensure the well-being of residents and to help them adjust to life in Jerusalem
  • Housing is within walking distance of classes at Rothberg
  • Students who observe the Jewish Sabbath or who keep Kosher may request housing with other observant residents

What is living in Jerusalem like?
Jerusalem is the ultimate blend of ancient and modern. Though history is evident everywhere in the city, the university campus and student housing are modern and full of convenient amenities. Jerusalem has countless historical sites, as well as all the entertainment, cultural and sports options of other large cities. An overland tram system makes traveling around the city safe, affordable and easy so that you can experience as much of Jerusalem as you want!


All accommodations are self-catering. No meal plans are available, though numerous student-friendly cafeterias and restaurants are available on and near campus.

Housing FAQs

Is my housing included in the program fee?
Yes. Your program fee includes accommodation at the university while classes are in session. You will be responsible for the cost of your meals.

When will I receive my housing assignment?
You will not receive your housing assignment until you arrive in Israel for orientation. Your program advisor will notify you of your housing assignment via email if it is received prior to your departure.

Please keep in mind that while IFSA-Butler guarantees housing, we cannot guarantee your preferences.

Do I have to pay a housing deposit?
No. IFSA-Butler does not require a housing deposit for summer programs.

Can I arrange my own housing?
No. Independent housing is not possible for students on our Israel program.

Is Internet available?
Internet access is available for an additional fee. Students may arrange and pay for Internet access once they have moved into their accommodation.

Do I need to bring my own bed linen and kitchen utensils?
No. Although students must supply their own bedroom linens and blankets, dishes and cooking utensils, we strongly encourage you to purchase these items once you are in Jerusalem. There is a service available for students to purchase the needed items and have them delivered to them in Israel. Click here for more information.

Location Info

Living and Studying Abroad in Jerusalem, Israel

About Jerusalem
Population: 770,000
Location: Central Israel

City features

  • Israel's largest city and home to the Israeli national government
  • Thousands of years' worth of history are evident throughout the city and its surroundings
  • Religious sites that are sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Plenty of cultural and entertainment options, including art galleries, museums, theatres, nightlife and restaurants
  • A diverse and student-friendly environment

Do more!

  • Take advantage of organized tours of Jerusalem and trips to other areas of Israel, offered by both the university and IFSA-Butler
  • Visit the beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean views of western Israel
  • Go skiing in the mountain regions of northern Israel

Jerusalem Wiki Travel Guide
Go Visit Israel
Jerusalem Post
Sacred Destinations: Jerusalem

Dates & Fees

Program Dates

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Once you are abroad, please verify the program end date with the department(s) in which you are studying. Ending dates may vary from department to department, and you will be expected to complete all course obligations prior to your departure. Program housing is available only until the program end date.

Your program end date may change due to circumstances beyond IFSA-Butler's control. Upon arrival at your host university, be sure to verify your exam schedule and program end date. We also strongly recommend that you investigate fees and penalties associated with your airline tickets in case you need to make date or route changes.

Program Fees

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What's included in our summer program fees
Expense calculator

Summer Payment Due: May 15

Program Fee Bills
IFSA-Butler will send a single bill for tuition, services and housing. Any bills for tuition differentials and/or supplemental housing fees will be sent separately.

The housing component of our program fee is based on the average cost of local student self-catering accommodation, usually a shared room in a regular dormitory, apartment or house without any extra features.

Personal Cost Estimates

Expense calculator

Meet Your IFSA-Butler Team

IFSA-Butler has a dedicated team of staff who are here to help students prepare for their program in Israel:

altA Wisconsin native, Program Advisor Kerry Springer has travelled and lived all over Asia, including studying abroad in Varanasi, teaching in Chennai, and carrying out fieldwork research in Pondicherry. Kerry holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin, as well as a master’s degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. A foreign language enthusiast, she has both strong cross-cultural communication skills and first-hand insight into foreign educational systems, homestays, and student life abroad. Kerry looks forward to drawing on her own experiences in India to help IFSA-Butler and Alliance students make the most out of their endeavors across the Middle East and Asia.


beckiStudent Accounts Coordinator Becki Niccum assists with the financial side of study abroad and processes payments and invoices. Becki can be reached at the email link above or at 800-858-0229 ext. 3077.





Student & Parent Services Manager Donnetta Spears is available to both students and parents for travel questions and information. Donnetta has worked with IFSA-Butler since 2000, and she has traveled through parts of Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. As the mother of 4 college students (including one who studied abroad on an IFSA-Butler program), she has a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of study abroad from a parent perspective. Donnetta can be reached at the email link above or at 317-940-4252.


Once abroad, our students are in the capable hands of our Israel staff, including Manager of Student Services Monica Wasserbach. Click here to read more about Monica.

rhondaUpon return from your study abroad program, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs Rhonda Hinkle processes your Butler University transcript and assists with any academic record appeals. Rhonda completed her undergraduate coursework at the University of Evansville and received her master's degree from Bowling Green State University. Currently she is working on her Doctorate in Adult, Community and Higher Education at Ball State University. For Rhonda, study abroad not only increased her awareness of the world around her but also ignited her passion for travel and education. Rhonda can be reached at the email link above or at 800-858-0229 ext. 4259.

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